Joe's Blooms has partnered with BNGX to ensure you can easily explore and create BNG off-site units to sell!

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Our easy-to-use tools make it simple to explore and find biodiversity net gain opportunities  

Find out which planning requirements apply to your specific site


Streamline the process of calculating your site’s biodiversity

Secure your planning permission demonstrating clear biodiversity gains and losses. 



Calculate the Biodiversity value of any site in England


Scenario plan and test different BNG solutions


Create and sell off-site units with BNGX!

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What are off-site units?

The new Biodiversity Net Gain law has created a new national market in "Biodiversity Units" - one that you can access with the special relationship struck between Joe's Blooms and BNGX. Landowners who improve their land - by either enhancing or creating new high value habitats - can sell the "Biodiversity Units" that they create to estate developers who need to buy units from beyond their site in order to comply with the new law. With Joe's Blooms you can easily create the units you need, and then sell them on BNGX.

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Discover the biodiversity score of any site in England with our digital tools

With Joe's Blooms tools, you can easily easily work out what the Biodiversity Unit score is on any site. Our tools can calculate both the baseline score and potential uplift solutions.

See the potential opportunities on any piece of land

Do what's best for your local community and environment

See the value of any Biodiversity Units you might want to create

Access our BNG tools

Comply with BNG today

The Biodiversity Net Gain Tool is a new tool that offers small sites end-to end compliance with the new BNG law.

BNG loolUse our BNG tool

Calculate the value of your Biodiversity Units

Joe's Blooms Explore is a new digital tool that allows you to easily work out the Biodiversity Unit value of any piece of land.

Explore tool
Use our Explore tool

Find out if you are exempt from BNG

The easy-to-use Exemption Checker allows you to find out if BNG applies to your development and get all the information you need!

Exempt checker from BNGUse the Exemption Checker

Produce the BNG metric and linked documents and create off-site units!

Our end-to-end platform streamlines the entire BNG process, getting you from zero to approved as quickly as possible

Instantly identify which rules apply on your site and what you need to do to comply

Our intuitive web app and its purpose-built GIS tools make it easy to prepare and collate everything

Optimise for the specifics of your site with our easy-to-grasp analysis and flexible solution finder

Generate your fully compliant BGP ready for submission to your Local Planning Authority

Make as many amendments as you need, free of charge—no repeat costs

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