Climate Change and Sustainability Policy

Joe's Blooms supports the UKGBC mission to radically improve the sustainability of the built environment by transforming the way it is planned, designed, constructed, maintained, repurposed, and operated.

At Joe’s Blooms Ltd, we understand the urgent need to address climate change and are dedicated to being part of the solution. We don't just operate as a business, but act as responsible citizens - aware of our duties to the planet and that everything we do must promote biodiversity and sustainability.

Biodiversity and Sustainability

We pledge to:

  • Continuously innovate to ensure that our products and services promote environmental restoration

  • Seek to enhance biodiversity in all our operations

  • Collaborate with suppliers, partners, and NGOs to promote sustainability practices wherever possible

Pro Bono Assistance to the State

Recognising our role in the broader community, we commit to:

  • Offer our expertise and resources on a pro bono basis to support state initiatives that restore the environment and promote best practice. For example, we helped to set up BNG Online with the Planning Advisory Service.

  • Work closely with communities and local government to promote environmental restoration. For example, we have set up pro bono tools for Local Planning Authorities.

Carbon Reduction Strategy

To help reduce carbon emissions, we commit to:

  • Establish clear, measurable carbon reduction targets to be achieved by 2030 with regular updates on our progress.

  • Engage our employees in our carbon reduction strategy, encouraging sustainable practices both in and out of the workplace.

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