Biodiversity Net Gain creates new obligations for Local Planning Authorities. With our free and easy-to-use tool you can ensure compliance while having full control

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we can help your lpa be ready for biodiversity net gain

Find out which planning requirements apply to your specific site


Streamline the process of calculating your site’s biodiversity

Secure your planning permission demonstrating clear biodiversity gains and losses. 



Designed to help small developments, our mission is to help improve biodiversity at scale


Our tools support the new statutory regime and make it easier to judge compliance


Our LPA Portal helps give you control over the specific biodiversity requirements of your local area

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What is biodiversity net gain?

The Environment Act 2021 introduces a new requirement for 10% net gain in biodiversity for most planning applications. Under the new law, LPAs will have to ensure that an application is compliant with the new rules before granting planning permission.

How Joe’s Blooms is helping LPAs

Our motto is ‘biodiversity made simple’ because we want everyone to be able to contribute to reversing biodiversity loss. Our LPA Portal and Net Gain Seminars provide pro bono assistance with implementing the new rules:


Our LPA Portal is an easy-to-use control centre for controlling BNG requirements in your area.


Our Net Gain Seminars series offers training and guidance to LPAs on the new regime, where we share the expertise we've gained over the years building towards BNG

We want to hear more from you.

The LPA Portal will be released soon, but we would love to hear your LPA's needs on this simple survey

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Local Planning Authorities will soon have to implement the new BNG policy

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We can support small developments comply with BNG

We want all development to help reverse biodiversity loss. When you see a BGP produced with our tools, you can know that it is fully statutorily compliant.

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Get help with implementing and reporting

Our LPA Portal includes tools to help you manage BNG implementation in your area.

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Use our tools for your own works

Whether you are planning to create offset Biodiversity Units, or simply need to be compliant with the rules on your own works, our tools can help streamline the BNG process.

Looking to create off-site units? (coming soon)

If you want to create a habitat bank, and sell the off-site units, then please use the Biodiversity Net Gain Tool.

Click here to learn more about the BNG tool
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