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Joe's Blooms Explore is a new digital tool that allows you to easily work out the Biodiversity Unit value of any piece of land.

Two people discussing site designs with blueprints in the foreground

In just a few simple steps, you can easily work out how many Biodiversity Units can be created - on any piece of land in England!

Find out which planning requirements apply to your specific site


Streamline the process of calculating your site’s biodiversity

Secure your planning permission demonstrating clear biodiversity gains and losses. 



Tell us your site location by simply providing your postcode or grid reference


Tell us how big your site is by drawing out the boundary of your land


Tell us what habitats are currently on your site by selecting options via our simple-to-understand tool

And that’s it!

The Explore tool will tell you your biodiversity score, and all the opportunities available to maximise your site and it’s profits - allowing you to find a solution that works best for you.

With Joe’s Blooms Explore Tool, you’re in control.

Consider different options at your leisure, with total control over what biodiversity opportunities you want to consider. Based on your preliminary survey you can  explore different combinations of potential uplifts to unlock the natural capital from your site!

The Explore Tool assesses the potential of biodiversity gain sites; if you want to calculate the biodiversity losses and offsets of development projects, please use our Biodiversity Net Gain tool.

Looking to create off-site units?

If you want to create a habitat bank, and sell the off-site units, then please use the Biodiversity Net Gain Tool.

Learn more about the BNG tool


Pay on your terms. Either pay as you go or, if you're interested in an enterprise subscription, we can set your organisation up with bespoke access to our tool.

Pay per project

Ideal for busy people - a simple, one off-payment that will allow you to see all the uplift options on any plot less than 10 hectares piece of land. No extra payments and no small print - just total control and total visibility of any site in England.

from £90

inc. VAT per project

Take advantage of the early bird prices!

Enterprise subscription

Ideal for businesses and land agencies who are looking to achieve savings and secure a tailor-made , bespoke service.
If you are interested, drop us an email and our team will be in touch to discuss a monthly or annual subscription arrangement that works for you and your team.

Take advantage of the early bird prices!

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