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Joe's Blooms helps you fully comply with England's Biodiversity Net Gain rules with our best-in-class digital tools and specialist support.

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Get a compliant biodiversity net gain metric sheet and secure a 10% BNG uplift in under 45 minutes

How it works:

Create your free account and provide basic details.

Get your quote (average price £495)

Complete your BNG and get your documents.

What you will get:

your BNG metric,

BNG plan,

and habitat plan.

All the digital tools you need to fully comply with biodiversity net gain

Our end-to-end digital tools produce Biodiversity Metric Sheets, Biodiversity Gain Plans, Ordnance Survey-powered mapping and more! All the tools you need to comply with BNG can be found here.


Complete your Planning Application BNG requirements online!

From April 2024, if you are submitting a planning application, you will need to comply with the Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) rules.

Designed for property developers, consultants, contractors, ecologists, planners and architects.

BNG lool


If you own or manage land, the new Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) policy will allow you to enhance habitats on your land and then sell that enhancement in the form of off-site Biodiversity Units.

With Explore, you can easily explore the opportunities for creating Biodiversity Units on any plot of land. Via a simple one-off payment, you can see all possible biodiversity uplift opportunities and market opportunities!

Ideal for landowners, estate managers, habitat banks and surveyors.

Explore tool


If you work for a Local Planning Authority (LPA), you will be tasked with administering the Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) system and make sure that all planning applications fully comply with the new rules.

Our pro bono digital tools and resources give LPA officers total control over how Biodiversity Net Gain is implemented. Ensure compliance and check that submissions are not fradulant!

Ideal for Local Authority Officers.

LPA tool


From April 2024 nearly all planning applications will have to either comply with BNG or provide details reasons and evidence for why they are exempt. With our simple-to-use tools you can see if you are exempt, produce the reasons and evidence documents you need to submit to the LPA and see how to comply with best practice.

Designed for property developers, consultants and contractors.

Exempt checker from BNG

We make BNG quick, affordable, and hassle free for developers.

Quick, because we can help you fill in all the right forms within 45 minutes. Affordable, because our process costs as little as £495. And hassle free, because all documentation we produce is fully compliant with the new BNG rules.


Hear what our people say

Navigate this confusing landscape of BNG and getting the necessary legal documentation.

"I really appreciated the ease of this system. I am a town planner myself and even I haven't quite got my head round these new rules. I was dreading having to go out and negotiate quotes to sort out bng, so really happy this service exists. It was great to be able to answer the straight forward questions, get quick answers and then be told exactly what position I was in. The pricing was spot on for the services I looked at, and they felt attainable for a self-builder such as myself.
This service is just what was needed to cater for the new regs."

Self Builder

"With the introduction of the new BNG requirements for planning applications,  it was a lifeline discovering Joe’s Blooms website. The online experience was easy with helpful steps along the way and the results arrived in my inbox within a minute.  
We feel that we’ve found a friend in Joe’s Blooms who will guide us through BNG."

William Ashley
Monks Green Farm

"A simple and affordable end-to-end solution that allows a small site to complete BNG in minutes, not days."

Rico Wojtulewicz
National Federation of Builders

Got a question?

Biodiversity Net Gain is a new legal requirement that most new planning applications in England will have to comply with. It requires developers to use the Government’s new Biodiversity Metric to calculate how many ‘Biodiversity Units’ are on their site and then set out a plan to increase the number of units so that the final score, after development, is 10% higher than what was originally there. Biodiversity Net Gain is based on a set of principles and rules which our service complies with at all stages.

This is a new tool that has been developed by the Government to assess how much biodiversity is lost by a development. A summary of the calculations are set out here.

This is a document that you need to produce in order to secure planning permission. Its requirements are set out in law. The Local Planning Authority can only grant you planning permission if you have produced a BGP that meets the statutory requirements. Our service will help you to produce a best-in-class BGP which meets the requirements of the Environment Act 2021 and Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

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