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Easily establish Biodiversity Net Gain opportunities for house extensions, land managed sites, and everything in between, with our easy-to-use tools

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our easy-to-use tools make biodiversity net gain accessible to all

Find out which planning requirements apply to your specific site


Streamline the process of calculating your site’s biodiversity

Secure your planning permission demonstrating clear biodiversity gains and losses. 



Find out what requirements do and don't apply to your site in an instant


Streamline the process of biodiversity scoring before and after your project


Get everything you need to secure planning permission with your Local Planning Authority

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What is biodiversity net gain?

Biodiversity Net Gain is a new legal requirement that most developments are going to have to comply with from November 2023. It requires developments to leave the natural environment in a measurably better condition by insisting that all sites give back a 10% biodiversity uplift

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Produce best-in-class Biodiversity Gain Plans with our smart technology

While householder applications are exempt, it may be advisable to nonetheless comply with the Biodiversity Net Gain process to help ensure compliance with Local Planning Authority requirements.

Here's why you should find out your BNG score:

Become greener

Do what's best for your local community and environment 

Help boost biodiversity levels and different species in your area

Prepare for your next planning application

Almost all planning applicants will have to produce a new legal document called a Biodiversity Gain Plan in order to secure a planning application. This document will provide a detailed biodiversity score of your site before development and how to secure a 10% biodiversity uplift after.


Use our digital tools to produce a best-in-class Biodiversity Gain Plan (BGP) that fully complies with the Environment Act 2021 and Town and Country Planning Act 1990.


Our tools also produce all of the supplementary documents needed for your BGP, including a completed Biodiversity Metric and Ordnance Survey-powered mapping.

Complete the biodiversity gain metric EFFORTLESSLY and prepare for your planning application

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A simple calculator

Our service allows you to easily fill in the Biodiversity Metric and automatically produce high-standard Biodiversity Gain Plans

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A compliant solution

We help you calculate your biodiversity score of your site and easily comply with the new planning rules

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Cost-effective technology

Our tool streamlines the process of applying for a BGP at a fraction of the cost of current market solutions, helping developers save time and money

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